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Ram Navami

Tomorrow, March 27, is Ram Navami in India.  This morning my team leader in Gurgaon explained that Ram Navami is the Hindu equivalent of Christmas.  She also explained that she didn’t have enough time to fully explain the importance of the holiday, so I gather it’s pretty important.  She’ll be spending the day with her family after a visit to her Hindu temple.  Which means I’ll be spending the day covering her projects. 

Part of the beauty of NYC is that we reap the benefit of diveristy particularly in our holiday scheudle; we get off from work for all sorts of holidays, no matter our affiliation.  One might think that gracious characteristic of multi-culturalism transfers to offshore operations.  It doesn’t.  So, tomorrow I’ll be working for two.  But I wish my team a pleasant Ram Navami, just the same — seeing as how they each sent me a Chrismas e-card last year. 


2 Responses to “Ram Navami”

  1. So do you say “Merry Ram Navmi” or “Happy Ram Navmi”? Or “Namaste Ram Navmi”?

  2. You say happy ram navami or shubh ram navami which means something like well wishes.

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